Aromatic hand treatment and massage

Reserve yoursekf a bit of time indulging your mind and body with an Aromatic hand treatment and massage:

You get a delicate peeling with a peelingcream containing dead seasalt and jojobahails. After that, you get an aromatic poultice and a relaxing, invigorating hand massage. Lastly i soften the skin of your hands with a deepmoisturizing cream.

Aromatic hand treatment and massage 40min. 33€

Aromatic footbath and a relaxing foot massage

Enjoy a warm cup of tea, while your feet are relaxing in an aromatic bath, which contains dead sea salt and an essential oil of your choosing. After that you get a peeling, which softens and deepcleanses the skin of your feet. Your feet can rest a while in an aromatic poultice and enjoy a relaxing massage. As a final touch, your feet gets a deepmoisturizing and softening cream.

Aromatic footbath and a relaxing foot massage 40min 33€

Indulging, deep cleansing facial treatment

Make your face glow and shine beauty in a caressing facial treatment. I will make you a skin cleansing with high-class, allergy friendly aloe vera based, organic products. After that, i deep cleanse your skin with a moisturizing and delicate peelingcream which contains aloe vera and jojoba oil. You get to choose from two different face masks: either a deepcleansing, solidifying and restorative claymask, or a moisturizing and softening face mask containing natural sea minerals. Lastly i pamper your skin with a serum which contains white tea and vitamin E.

Indulging, deep cleansing facial treatment 50 min. 39€

Energy massage

In energy massage you get a relaxing neck- and shoulders massage and then a relaxing and energizing touching treatment.

Energy massage helps you to stop and let go of the rush of the everyday life. As you relax and let your mind stay quiet, the body gets a chance to nurse and unlock itself.

The objective of the treatment is the balance of the body and mind.

Energy massage 1h. 30min. 50€