I have studied as a qualified masseuse therapist. I have specialized to joint mobility as well as fascia and trigger therapy. I also practice dry needling treatment. 

Dry needling treatment is based on human anatomy and trigger points. I search for individual trigger points and use acupuncture needles to treat them. When the trigger points get free the whole muscle can relax and relief pain. This treatment is very effective for chronic musclepain, movement restrictions and stiffness. It is also very beneficial for different bigger problems like frozen shoulder, headaches, tension neck, knee pain, sciatic pain etc. 

Each therapy is individually designed for you and you can also participate in the planning of your treatment. 


30 min 30€

45 min 40€

60 min 50€

90 min 70€


28.09.2020 08:42


hi there i would like to book a 45 minute massage do you have space today this afternoon (monday 28th sep) by any chance? my name is anthea my email is anthea.moys@gmail.com